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【What’s New in 4.4】Apache CloudStack 4.4 新功能

CloudStack 4.4.1 is a bugfix release and does not add new features to 4.4. Here is the list of new features and improvements introduce in 4.4: Java version upgraded to Java 1.7 Support managed storage for root disks Root disk resize Per primary Storage OverProvisioning VMWare Support for DRS Region … 继续阅读

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日前,CloudStack发布了最新版本4.4 ,以下是其新特性和一些改进: 1、编译运行环境由原来的jdk1.6升级为jdk1.7 Apach CloudStack4.4 的management-server、cloudstack-usage、KVM agent和system-VMsz中都会使用java jdk1.7 2、可使用storage-plugin管理ROOT卷 支持hypervisors:XenServer、VMware 3、支持KVM可调整ROOT卷容量大小 在多个模板需要相同的操作系统不同的磁盘大小时,CloudStack 可以调整ROOT卷容量大小;原先的只能更改数据卷的大小 … 继续阅读

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【重要】Apache CloudStack v4.4 正式发布!

Announcing Apache™ CloudStack™ v4.4 Mature, easy-to-deploy Open Source Cloud computing software platform boasts improved efficiency and performance. 【USA 05 August 2014】The Apache CloudStack project today announced the immediate availability of Apache CloudStack v4.4, the latest version of the turnk … 继续阅读

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