【What’s New in 4.4】Apache CloudStack 4.4 新功能

CloudStack 4.4.1 is a bugfix release and does not add new features to 4.4. Here is the list of new features and improvements introduce in 4.4:

Java version upgraded to Java 1.7

Apache CloudStack 4.4 is now using Java 1.7 for the management-server, cloudstack-usage, kvm agent and in system-VMs.

Support managed storage for root disks

Use of Primary Storage Plug-in for Root disks. See Configuring a Storage Plug-in

Supported hypervisors: XenServer, VMware

Root disk resize

Allow Root disk resize which remove need to have multiple templates of the same Operating System for different disk size.

Supported hypervisor: KVM
Link Root resize Functional spec

Per primary Storage OverProvisioning

Added per Primary Storage storage.overprovisioning.factor setting to overseed the Global Settings value.

  • admin can update an existing primary store by setting storage.overprovisioning.factor in the per primary setting.
  • This value will override the value at the global level. This leverages the granularity of global parameters introduced in 4.2
  • To fall back to the global value, null value can be passed.
  • To disable overprovision a value of 1 will be passed.
Supported hypervisor: KVM
link Storage Over Prov. Functional spec

VMWare Support for DRS

VMware DRS(Distributed Resource Scheduler), VM HA(High Availability): Provide highly available resources to your workloads. Balance workloads for optimal performance. Scale and manage computing resources without service disruption.

  • Load Balancing: distribution and usage of CPU and memory resources for all hosts and VMs in the cluster are continuously monitored and compared to ideal resource utilization given the attributes of the cluster’s resource pools and VMs, the current demand, and the imbalance target. It then performs (or recommends) virtual machine migrations accordingly. Also, when a VM is powered on in the cluster, DRS attempts to maintain proper load balancing by either placing the VM on an appropriate host or making a recommendation.
  • Power Management: When the vSphere Distributed Power Management (DPM) feature is enabled, DRS compares cluster- and host-level capacity to the demands of the cluster’s VMs, including recent historical demand. It places (or recommends placing) hosts in standby power mode if sufficient excess capacity is found or powering on hosts if capacity is needed. Depending on the resulting host power state recommendations, VMs might need to be migrated to and from the hosts as well.
  • Affinity Rules: control the placement of virtual machines on hosts within a cluster, by assigning affinity rules
Supported hypervisors: VMware
Link DRS functional spec

Region wide Guest networks and VPC

Region level Guest networks and VPC deployment. Allowing VPC tiers and guest networks accessibility across zones.

Supported hypervisors: N/A
Link VPC region functional spec

Virtual Router Service Failure Alerting

Send failure alerts to management server to notify admins using Monitoring VR servicesintroduced in CloudStack 4.3.

Supported hypervisors: xenserver, kvm, vmware
Link VR failure alerting functional spec

Distributed routing and network ACL with OVS plug-in

Support distributed routing and network ACL with OVS plug-in.

Supported hypervisors: xenserver, kvm, vmware

Hyper-V support improvements

Zone Wide Primary Store in Hyper-V

SMB share as zone wide primary storage.

Supported hypervisors: Hyper-V
Link Hyper-V zone wide storage functional spec

VPC support on Hyper-V

Provide VPC capability on Hyper-V hypervisor.

Supported hypervisors: Hyper-V
Link VPC support on Hyper-V functional spec

Storage Live-Migration support for Hyper-V

Hyper-V 2012 R2 allows migration of volumes (virtual disks) of a virtual machine from one storage to another, while the virtual machine continues to run. It also allows live migration of a virtual machine and its volumes to another host and storage without any downtime.

The intend of this feature is to enable support of live migration of a virtual machines with its volumes across hosts and storage pools. It’ll also migration of volumes across storage pools while the volume stays attached to a running virtual machine.

Supported hypervisors: Hyper-V
Link Hyper-V storage motion functional spec



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